Community-Based Management Pans

This service is provided by our company in order to achieve optimal utilization of the resources (wetland, Forests, river Banks, Lake Shores, Mountainous and Hilly areas) while providing continued benefits to the immediate and distant communities both now and in the future.

This is achieved through the following key steps/processes but not limited to the following in accordance to community Management planning manuals of different Ministries and Departments.

  • Mobilizing of local communities, and creating general awareness;
  • Guiding them through a management planning process;
  • Preparing a management plan document deriving from the community ideas in a participatory manner; and
  • Integrating all stakeholders in the management plan development and implementation of respective wetland activities.

In accomplishing this task, the following detailed processes are adhered to by our competent team:

  • Reconnaissance
  • Stake holder’s analysis
  • Resources analysis
  • Setting of vision, strategies, objectives and management actions
  • Demarcating conservation zones
  • Developing implementation strategies and structures
  • Developing monitoring indicators and strategies
  • Finalization of management plan document and preparation of MoUs
  • Approval, signing and launching of the CBMP